am Donna Patane.

Lawyer, speaker, mother.

People need me to help with business legal affairs and to speak on my niche expertise and 3 small people need me to mostly make them snacks and pick up their stuff.

People want me because I’m approachable, strategic, and more fun than your average lawyer.

If it sounds like you could do with my input, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


I am a specialist IP and business lawyer and a registered trade marks attorney, the only one in Far North Queensland. On a daily basis, I help entrepreneurs and business owners protect themselves and their brand and, should the need arise, I help them out of tricky situations. I have been told that I’m approachable and can make law easier to understand.


I am a performer from way back. Since I was about 6 years old I acted, danced, sang and played musical instruments for my parents, school events, eisteddfods and the local choral society. My claim to fame was playing piccolo in the marching band for the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


I am a mother of three girls. Yes, there is a lot of pink at our place. No, we are not trying for a boy. I’m done.

Prior to having children, I was the type of person who had my days totally organised and I had a five year plan which I regularly reviewed. (Type A much?).

My plans included travelling around Europe and North America, getting married, getting promoted to Senior Associate at my firm then having children. I figured it was strategically sound to have children after ensuring my career was well established, but before becoming a boss (or being ‘old’). Surely this was the perfect time, right?