About Me

Hi There!

I’m Donna Patane and I am a lawyer, a trade marks attorney, a speaker, a wife and a mother of three girls and a bad ass cat.

If you’re here because we met somewhere, it was nice to meet you! If you found me randomly, welcome! I hope this site gives you an idea of what I am about and what I get up to. If you think we may be able to work together, drop me a line!

I Live In Cairns

In Cairns, Australia the work life balance is as good as it gets. I spend my working hours at the office doing what I can to help business owners with their legal and strategic needs or on a stage sharing my knowledge and experience in my own entertaining way. I spend all other hours cooking (I’m in the Thermomix cult… shhh…), cleaning and negotiating with miniature versions of myself. I also sleep, occasionally.