I am a Mother of Three Girls

Yes, there is a lot of pink at our place. No, we are not trying for a boy. I’m done.

Prior to having children, I was the type of person who had my days totally organised and I had a five year plan which I regularly reviewed. (Type A much?).

My plans included travelling around Europe and North America, getting married, getting promoted to Senior Associate at my firm then having children. I figured it was strategically sound to have children after ensuring my career was well established, but before becoming a boss (or being ‘old’). Surely this was the perfect time, right?

Our Journey

I’m not sure about perfect, but I had done all the other major things that I wanted to and we were in the right frame of mind and a reasonable financial position so we figured we’d try.

At that point, my five year plan became blank. I had zero experience with pregnancies and babies and there were too many variables out of my control. We knew we wanted three children, pretty close together, and we knew that would mean interruptions to my career and a wack to our bank account. From 2013 to 2018 we, um, made babies. 😉 It was a blur.

Once our youngest was 1 and our eldest started school, the fog started to lift. We had a sense of routine and control and leaving the house didn’t quite feel like Mission Impossible. We made new five year plans.

Loud, funny, frustrating, disgusting, creative, messy, exhausting and stupid stuff still happens, but we’re pros now, so bring it!

(Oh, and the bad ass cat. A tabby from RSPCA. She was our first fur baby. She’s been pissed at me since I bought our first daughter home from hospital. I think she wants to move in with my dad.)